Who We Are

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Ken Aagaard, President
Paul Gallo, Treasurer
Tom Sahara, Vice President
Steve Hellmuth, Vice President
Ken Kerschbaumer, Secretary
Carrie Bowden, Administrator
Andrea Berry, Director
Mike Davies, Director
Deb Honkus, Director
Patty Power
, Director
Susan Stone, Director


Onnie Bose, NFL
Chris Brown, Turner Sports/Warner Media
Chris Calcinari, DMED/ESPN
Joseph Cohen, The Switch
Michael Cohen, Bizzy Signals Entertainment
Michael Connelly, Bally Sports
Craig Farrell, Alliance Productions
Ken Gardner
Phil Garvin, Mobile TV Group
Jerry Gepner, CP Communications
Scott Gillies
Ken Goss, NBC Sports
Jeff Jacobs
John Kvatek
Glen Levine, NEP Broadcasting
Jodi Markley
Geoff Mason
Grant Nodine, NHL
Del Parks, Sinclair Broadcast
Marty Porter, SVG
Scott Rinehart, University of Notre Dame
Mike Rokosa
Tom Sahara
Tracy Shaw, WWE
Jon Slobotkin, Comcast Sports
Jerry Steinberg
LeslieAnne Wade, Wade Media Management
Ernie Watts
Mike Webb, YES Network
Mike Werteen, NEP Broadcasting