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Grant Application.

Welcome to the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund grant portal.

The SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund provides in-direct financial support by paying medical bills, insurance premiums, housing costs, and more for those who find themselves in need due to injury, illness, family crisis, or disaster.

Who is eligible for assistance?

  • Applicants must have worked in the sports broadcasting production industry for one year.
  • Immediate family members of those employed in the sports broadcasting field may be eligible for grants.
  • Applicants must be US or Canadian residents.
  • Please note that loss of work due to an event cancellation because of coronavirus/COVID 19 is not a qualifying circumstance. 

Our goal is to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. These are the steps in the process:

STEP ONE: Print out the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund application, fill it out, and have an advocate (ideally a supervisor or production executive you work for or with) sign it along with yourself. Grant Application.

STEP TWO: Email the completed form to Ken Kerschbaumer via email at [email protected]. Ken will be in touch if there are any issues and he will also submit it to the Advisory Board for approval, a process that typically takes 36 hours once the application is received.

STEP THREE: Once approved Carrie Bowden ([email protected]) will contact you to get more details on the bills you wish to have paid. Please note:

  • Grants typically do not exceed $5,000.
  • Individuals may apply and receive no more than three (3) grants for a total of $15,000.
  • All grants will paid directly to vendors (bank for a mortgage; hospital; insurance company) and we cannot reimburse you for past expenses.
  • All grants will require documentation, invoices or receipts before being paid.
  • Please note, the Sports Broadcasting Fund has been established to provide short-term assistance to those in need, rather than as a long-term solution for applicants.


  • Loans
  • Multiple year pledges
  • Credit card bills
  • Debt reduction
  • Legal fees
  • Fundraising events/activities

Designated Funds

Once The Fund has made a grant, additional funding may be made available via designated funds. Designated Funds may be established by the SVG Fund on behalf of individual in need and funded thru contributions from donors who specify who their contributions are directed towards that individual. Ordinarily these funds are over and above the grants supported by the Fund. However, there may be a circumstance where these funds are raised and given in lieu of a grant from the Fund. All designated funds have a termination date of one-year after being established and are managed by an individual appointed by the Board Grants Committee.

Grant Application.